Even more reasons to travel by bus

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - 09:00

Ten new bus shelters are to be installed by Crawley Borough Council.

The new shelters, which have been identified as high priority, will be installed at:

  • Harper Drive, close to Gabriel Road in Maidenbower
  • Yewlands Walk, Ifield West
  • Tern Road, Ifield West
  • Ifield Avenue, outside the ambulance station, West Green
  •  Creasys Drive (northbound), Broadfield • Gatwick Road (southbound), Manor Royal
  • County Oak (eastbound), Langley Green
  • Napier Way, at junction of Gatwick Road, Manor Royal
  • A23, Gatwick Manor (northbound)
  • A23, Gatwick Manor (southbound).

The exact location of the new shelters is still subject to change following consultation.

This project forms part of the council’s wider programme to improve access to and use of sustainable transport in the town to help reduce reliance on cars, cut congestion and alleviate parking pressures.

It’s being paid for by section 106 developer funding received from developments in Crawley.

As well as new bus shelters, the borough council is also working with West Sussex County Council to install new real time information systems at six existing bus stops at:

  • Dobbins Place, Ifield
  • Climping Road stop on Ifield Avenue, Ifield
  • Langley Parade, Langley Green
  • Betts Way stop on London Road, Manor Royal
  • Business Quarter EB stop on Fleming Way, Manor Royal
  • Business Quarter WB stop on Fleming Way, Manor Royal.

The real time information systems will be retrofitted to these six bus stops. These modifications are being paid for by £14,362 section 106 funding from two developments in the town.

These enhancements follow a significant programme from bus operator Metrobus to improve its fleet in the town with the introduction if a number of brand new buses with Wi-Fi and increased service frequency.

The ten shelters were prioritised from a longer list, which was compiled from requests for shelters collected from councillors and members of the public in recent years, proposals from Metrobus and a transport study organised by Manor Royal Business District.

This list was then prioritised based on the available physical space, land ownership, frequency of usage (provided by Metrobus), visibility, the type of surfacing already in place (e.g. hard or soft) and the proximity of nearby shelters.

Councillor Peter Smith, Cabinet member for Planning and Economic Development, said: “These improvements, along with the new buses from Metrobus, are welcomed and help to provide ever more compelling reasons to travel by bus in and around Crawley.

“Workers and shoppers have to deal with rush-hour congestion and difficulties finding a parking space around the town, particularly in Manor Royal, so anything that makes the bus a better travel option for Crawley residents is to be warmly welcomed.”

Councillor Bob Lanzer, West Sussex County Council’s Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Highways, said: “Being able to provide up-to-date real time information for passengers waiting at bus stops is a significant step forward.

“We feel this investment helps the case for making travelling by bus in Crawley an appealing alternative to the car.”

Steve Sawyer, Executive Director of Manor Royal Business Improvement District, said: “Our surveys and independent research consistently reinforce the importance Manor Royal businesses and staff attach to issues related to transport and travel.

“This is one part of a wide-ranging package of measures to help keep Manor Royal moving and we will continue to work with both the Borough and the County Councils to realise more positive transport outcomes that are key to the continued success of the Business District.”

To comment on the proposed locations of the new bus shelters or make suggestions for future locations email Brett Hagen, Sustainability Manager at Crawley Borough Council, at brett.hagen@crawley.gov.uk