Queens Square update - 24 May 2017

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, May 24, 2017 - 19:00
Queens Square under construction - May 2017

Welcome to the Queens Square update which aims to answer all your questions during the construction period. We will post new updates every two to four weeks - sooner if there’s important news to share.

What’s been happening?

Paving along the east side of the square has been completed and work has concentrated along the southern alleyway from Admiral Casino to the entrance of Deichmann.

In the centre of the square, drainage and service installations are ongoing and lighting and watering systems are being installed. Three planters have also been delivered to the site and two are now set out in the square to be installed this week.

Work on the fountain continues with the fountain jets being infilled with concrete and paved. Work also continues underground with electrical installations in the plant room.

The paving is being cleaned and sealed to protect it from staining. Most of the alleyways have been cleaned and any new paving laid will be cleaned and protected as each area is completed.

What’s in store?

Paving is being laid at the bottom of The Martlets around the entrance to Deichmann. In this area, new paving will be installed up to the edge of Deichmann’s entrance but more of the existing paving further up the Martlets will also be lifted and re-laid so it properly meets the new.

Work will start on the north side of the square in the next few weeks; preparation for this is beginning. And, three of our seven new trees (Gingko Biloba) will be planted in the square over the next few weeks too.