Queensway, The Pavement & Kingsate - Project Update

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - 15:30

Welcome to the first Queensway, The Pavement and Kingsgate news update, which aims to answer all of your questions during the construction period. We will post updates every two to four weeks, sooner if there’s important news to share.

What’s been happening?

Blakedown Landscapes started on site on Monday 14 January, putting up fencing, securing the safety of the site, construction and storage areas.

So far, old street furniture including benches and the lighting columns have been removed between Queens Square and The Pavement, along with some paving.

The trees and a number of shrubs from the planters have been removed, chipped and composted. At a later date, 13 new trees consisting of two species and around 3000 new shrubs will be incorporated into the area. The new trees will not only complement the design of the area, but will require less maintenance.

Prior to this, the council’s town centre Patch Team removed a significant number of plants, some of which have since been re-planted by the North Patch Team in Langley Green and Ifield.

Top soil from the planters has also been removed and reused.

What’s in store for the next few weeks?

Over the next few weeks, Blakedown will remove the phone kiosk, currently situated at the entrance to The Pavement.

They will continue to remove trees and shrubs around the northern edge of Memorial Gardens with the help of the council’s Central Patch Team who, where possible, will distribute them around the town.

The rest of the paving and planters along Queensway will be removed and new drainage installed.

We are currently preparing signage for the fencing. However all shops and businesses will remain open as usual while the works take place.

Due to restricted access, we ask that visitors refrain from cycling through the area.

For more information about the project, visit www.regeneratingcrawley.org.uk/queensway