Town Centre Signage: thank you for your feedback

Publish Date: 
Thursday, February 22, 2018 - 09:30

Crawley residents were invited to share their feedback on proposals for the new town centre signage and specifically the icons and images that will appear on the signs. The designs follow the town's new place branding which was created after a period of consultation with key stakeholders, the Town Centre Partnership, together with Crawley Borough Council, in February 2017.

The branding celebrates Crawley’s new town history while adding a colourful and modern twist with the use of iconography reflecting landmarks, places of interest, shopping and eating etc.

The use of abstract shapes is a central part of the place brand, however, based on the feedback received, the icons which represent objects and activities should be used more prominently than abstract shapes. As the brand expands, featuring in other media, the icons featured should be relevant to the activity and/or place where the place brand is used.

Thank you to everyone who completed the online survey and the results can now be viewed here.

The new signs will begin to appear across the town centre during March 2018.